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A characteristic symptom of catarrhal bulbitis is a sharp pain in the stomach. There may also be a severe headache and a persistent sour taste in the mouth.

Normally, there is a balance between the factors of increasing and decreasing the acidity of the contents of the stomach that enters the duodenum.

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If this balance is disturbed, hydrochloric acid damages the mucous membrane of the duodenum, which creates favorable conditions for Helicobacteria, which are adapted to exist in an acidic environment.

In addition, the causes of the development of bulbitis are factors that reduce the protective properties of the mucous membrane: immune disorders, severe concomitant diseases, genetic, psycho-emotional and constitutional preconditions. Symptoms of bulbitis depend on the clinical form. The main symptom of the disease is pain of prednisone intensity. In this case, the pain periodically intensifies, radiates to the right and left hypochondrium, is felt in the navel. Nausea is another symptom of bulbitis. If, during the development of the disease, a person throws the contents of the intestine back into the stomach, belching appears, and vomiting may occur. Bile may be present in the vomit, bitterness is felt in the mouth.

The main cause of prednisone pills is Helicobacter pylori.
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On examination, there is pallor of the skin with severe blood loss. Palpation of the upper abdomen causes pain. White coating on tongue with imprints of teeth. A blood test shows changes that are not specific to bulbitis: a decrease in erythrocytes, hemoglobin (with an erosive variant with bleeding), a change in the level of hepatic and pancreatic enzymes. A stool test for occult blood is given. In order to confirm the presence of Helicobacter pylori, a urease breath test, enzyme immunoassay, PCR, and a biopsy sample taken during EGDS are performed.

Another method for diagnosing bulbitis is esophagogastroduodenoscopy, which allows you to visually assess the condition of Prednisone membrane, identify erosion, determine the degree of damage and conduct a biopsy. Carrying out radiography with bulbitis provides additional diagnostic opportunities. In addition, in the diagnosis of bulbitis, ultrasound of the abdominal organs can be used, which allows you to examine the liver and pancreas.

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Complex treatment of bulbitis is carried out by a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist, in case of Prednisone of the disease - by a surgeon, a diet is necessarily prescribed.

If parasites have become the cause of the disease, then it is necessary to conduct a course of antihelminthic therapy.

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To a large extent, the psycho-emotional state of a person affects stomach diseases, so you need to work on yourself, increase stress resistance and protect yourself from negative experiences. Drug treatment of bulbitis.

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  • In addition, the patient should have a healthy lifestyle: moderate physical activity, giving up bad habits.

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